UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL — In the middle of his Hall of Fame basketball career, Lebron James is adding another career-defining moment to the list  — opening up a public school in Akron, Ohio.

Earlier this week, James opened a school titled “I Promise” which will be devoted to helping at-risk-children year round.

James recalls in fourth grade he missed over 80 days of school while he and his mom “looked for stability and support.”

[JAMES]: “No kid at 8 or 9 should have stress, you know, I was one of those kids so I know exactly what these kids are going through being a part of this.”

James will also be providing the 240 students with bicycles.

The basketball star said when growing up his bike “gave him access to opportunities and resources he couldn’t have gotten otherwise.”

James said, “We’re gonna give ‘em everything that they need.”