United News International (UNI) – It’s one of history’s biggest mysteries, but British scientists say the Bermuda Triangle is a mystery no longer.

In a recent TV documentary, researchers from the University of Southampton blamed the mystery on a natural phenomenon called “rogue waves.”

The infamous waters between Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda which stretches over 700,00 square kilometers have reportedly claimed 1,000 lives since 1918.

Ocean and earth scientist Dr. Simon Boxall said the Bermuda Triangle can see a combination of storms from three different regions — the perfect recipe for rogue waves.

After creating a simulation of the USS Cyclops — which went missing in the Triangle in 1918 — scientists realized they had their culprit.

Rogue waves were first observed by satellite in 1997, and some have been measured at nearly 100 feet high.

Boxall says if the waves hit a ship, “it can sink in two or three minutes.”

He added, “The bigger the boat, the more damage gets done.”