The future looks hot — literally.

A new global study released Aug. 1 found that heatwave deaths will steadily rise by 2080 as the world gets hotter.

Published in PLOS Medicine, the report is the first global study to predict future heat-wave caused deaths.

It’s purpose: to help decision-makers plan for the future rise in temperatures.

If the world doesn’t — researchers warn — more people around the world will die from sweltering heatwaves.

The study found climate change as the main culprit and pointed out the tropical and subtropical areas of the world will be hardest hit.

Europe, the U.S. and Australia will also feel the burn.

The lead author of the Australian study said, “Future heatwaves, in particular, will be more frequent, more intense and will last much longer.”

However, there is good news.

Scientists said if the world cuts back its greenhouse emissions and complies with the Paris Agreement, the projected impact would be reduced.