UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) – The British clothing brand Burberry burned millions of dollars worth of unsold merchandise last year, to protect its brand.

According to July 19 news reports, the company disposed of unsold clothes, accessories and perfume worth £28.6 million ($37 million).

A spokesperson for the company said it destroyed the items, instead of putting them on sale or at a discount, to control brand authenticity and minimize excess stock.

The spokesperson described the process as “careful” and done in a “responsible manner.”

According to fashion professor Maria Malone, Burberry went through a stage a few years ago when counterfeiters were “sticking the famous Burberry check on anything they could.”

Malone told the BBC Burberry now burns its items to stop them from being devalued or copied by somebody else.

Meanwhile, the news of waste is being criticized by many on social media.

For United News International, I’m Juliette Vara.