UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — When Spain set out to design its first indigenous attack submarine, it looks like the country forgot one thing — a tape measure.

The first-in-class Isaac Peral is too large to fit in its future port in Cartagena.

The Spanish Navy ordered four S-80 diesel electric attack submarines in 2003 to replace its aging Cold War-era fleet.

Design and economic problems plagued the project from the start.

Then, in 2013 during construction, authorities discovered the submarines were nearly 100 tons heavier than anticipated due to a decimal being in the wrong place during the design phase.

The Spanish Navy was worried the added weight might mean the ships couldn’t surface, so they lengthened them by 30 feet.

Authorities said the port in Cartagena will have to be enlarged and dredged to fit the updated design  — costing more than $18 million.