UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — It’s nothing unusual to see — well — unusual in New York, but a crazy stunt pulled by a commuter on a subway even surprised the most hardened New Yorker.

On Friday morning July 6, a man was caught on video clinging to a C train door in Brooklyn after he apparently hopped onto the train after the door closed.

The man hung on with both hands to the outside door as the train raced up a dark tunnel flying toward Manhattan.

The Daily News reported the man dropped one of his hands to his side to keep his shirt from flapping in the wind.

An onlooker who shot the video said, “It looked like something he had done before because he was so confident.”

According to the MTA, the man’s daredevil tactic is known as urban stunt skylarking — and so far 15 people have died skylarking or subway surfing since 1989.