United News International (UNI) – An impromptu photo shoot for a model in the Bahamas ended looking more like a scene from Shark Week.

Instagram model Katarina Zarutskle was recently swimming in Staniel Cay in the Bahamas when a nurse shark bit her wrist and pulled her underwater.

The dramatic sequence of events was all captured in photos.

The 19-year-old Instagram model and nursing student said locals were feeding the sharks and that it was safe to swim with them.

An avid scuba diver herself, the model said sharks don’t scare her and she’s aware nurse sharks are generally harmless.

While the model floated, her boyfriend’s father began to snap photos —capturing the sharks circle up and one grab her wrist and pull her under.

Zarutskle struggled underwater a few seconds but was able to free herself.

She described the feeling as 10 people squeezing her arm really hard.

She’s received stitches and antibiotics to treat the bite and is still under medical care.