UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Ten-ton giants once walked the Earth.

Or rather — shook — the Earth.

Scientists recently found the bones of what might have been one of the first truly massive dinosaurs.

Its fossils were found in Argentina.

A report published July 9 in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution says the dino was a plant-eater from the Late Triassic period. Scientists named it Ingentia prima.

That name translates from Latin to “first giant.”

When it was alive, it stretched 10 meters long and stood four meters tall.

Scientists say growth rings in its bones suggest it was able to reach such titanic proportions through very fast growth spurts and special bird-like lungs.

While it wasn’t as large as some of the iconic, long-necked behemoths like Brachiosaurus, scientists are encouraged that there are other — maybe even bigger — dinosaur fossils out there waiting to be found.