UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Orcas living off the coast of Washington and British Columbia may soon disappear for good.

An article published July 9 by The New York Times suggests the odds are stacking higher and higher against them.

The report focused on three pods of the whales known as the Southern Resident killer whales.

These orcas are unique in that they spend a lot of time in the Salish Sea and only eat fish.

Experts think the Southern Resident orcas are starving because their main food source — chinook salmon — is vanishing.

The fish are also full of toxic chemicals which poison the whales, making them more vulnerable to disease.

The orca’s habitat is also getting noisier as more ships pass through the area.

The New York Times said only 75 of these whales are left — the lowest count in three decades — and no calves have been born over the past three years.