United News International (UNI) – Many people pop em’ in their mouth every single day — multi-vitamins.  The market is saturated with them. But a new study published Tuesday, July 10 suggests taking multi-vitamins for heart health may not be worth the money.

Dr. Joonseok Kim is the assistant professor of cardiology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham who led the review.

In a statement, Dr. Kim said, “We found no clinical benefit of multivitamin and mineral use to prevent heart attacks, strokes or cardiovascular death.”

It joins other studies that suggest the same thing. 

The review looked at 18 studies published between 1970 and 2016 and covered more than 2 million people tracked for about 18 years.

The doctor noted eating more fruits and vegetables, exercising and avoiding tobacco are proven ways to live a heart-healthier life.

According to the study the exception is pregnant women who do need prenatal vitamins and people with certain deficiencies who get prescription supplements.