United News International (UNI) – The death toll in a Turkish train derailment has jumped to at least 24 and 318 are reported injured, according to the Washington Post.

The train was reportedly carrying 362 people and heading to Istanbul when at least five of the six carriages jumped the tracks in northwest Turkey Sunday, July 8.

First responders rushed to the scene and used helicopters to airlift passengers to the hospital where over a hundred are still reportedly being treated.

Authorities have blamed harsh weather conditions for weakening the ground under the tracks and causing the accident.

According to the Washington Post, a Turkish engineering firm has issued a statement saying the accident could have been prevented and that a drainage system was built incorrectly.

It also added the government has cut costs and eliminated route inspector jobs who would have been able to spot the collapsed ground before the train ever reached it.

Meanwhile, the exact cause of the accident is under investigation.