United News International (UNI)- Airbus just added a unique new member to its team — the new Beluga XL aircraft complete with a fresh paint job making it look like a Beluga whale.

The Beluga XL was unveiled June 28 in Toulouse, France and features a whale-style nose, sweet blue eyes, and a big smile.

The design was chosen by the staff of 20,000 employees in a poll where they were given 6 options for the new aircraft’s look.

An overwhelming 40 percent chose the happy whale design.

The Beluga aircrafts are currently used to transport Airbus parts for other planes from different manufacturing sites in Europe to their final assembly facilities.

The original Beluga planes have been in service since 1998, but Airbus decided to revamp their planes in 2014.

The Beluga XL has a 30 percent higher capacity than the original and is set to enter service in 2019.