UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Researchers found a new species of flying insect and it has a built-in weapon that might inspire nightmares.

It’s a type of wasp previously unknown to science.

Researchers recently found it living in the Amazon rainforest and they named it Clistopyga crassicaudata.

The wasp is what’s known as a parasitoid meaning that its larvae live as parasites inside the body of a host.

But the thing that makes this newfound wasp really unique is its stinger.

The appendage is both longer and wider than stingers found on most types of wasps.

Researchers say the wasp uses its stinger to inject venom into other animals, like a spider.

Once the spider is paralyzed, the wasp uses its stinger to lay its eggs on the spider.

When these eggs hatch, the larvae eat the spider and go off on their merry way.

Researchers published details about the delightful creature in the journal Zootaxa.