UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — The “psychic” octopus who predicted the outcome of all three of Japan’s World Cup games couldn’t predict its own fate.

According to media reports July 2, the octopus has been killed and sent to the market.

The octopus named Rabio was placed into a paddling pool with three separate baskets of food representing a Japan win, loss, or draw.

The octopus would then swim to whichever box of its choosing and that would be its prediction for each game.

All three choices were accurate – Japan’s win against Colombia, the draw with Senegal and their loss to Poland, making the mollusk a national phenomenon.

Local media reported the fisherman Kimio Abe who caught Rabio valued his livelihood more than sensation caused by Rabio’s newfound fame.

However, Abe plans to use another octopus to predict future outcomes.