UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — A man in Australia underwent emergency surgery after losing feeling in one of his legs.

Turned out, he was really, really constipated.

According to a report published June 20 in the British Medical Journal, the 57-year-old man had no pulse in his right leg when he was rushed to the hospital.

For days, he had also felt pain in his stomach and nausea.

CT scans revealed the problem: abdominal compartment syndrome.

It happens when a person’s abdomen is under a lot of pressure, which reduces blood flow to internal organs and often leads to death.

For this man, the artery in his leg was under pressure from a lot of backed up poop.

Surgeons opened the man up and removed two liters of feces from his bowels.

This immediately restored blood flow to his leg and he was able to walk again after two weeks in recovery.

It’s unclear what backed him up.