United News International (UNI)- Some furry and not-so-friendly felines are on the prowl in Australia.  

A new study suggests feral cats in the country kill over 1 million reptiles each day.

The study, published June 15 in the journal Wildlife Research, tested the stomach contents of over 10,000 feral cats.

Researchers found nearly 250 different types of reptiles, at least 11 of which are threatened species.

Australia is home to millions of feral cats and they are believed to be the primary cause of Australia’s high rate of mammal extinction.

The Independent reports that Australia’s government has already set aside more than A$30 million, or roughly $22 million U.S. dollars, to stop feral cats from wiping out wildlife.

Last month, the Australian Wildlife Conservancy finished a 44-kilometer-long electric fence to protect birds and marsupials from cats.

The plan is to expand the protected area before reintroducing native endangered species back into the wild.