UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Giant hogweed is a type of plant you never want to tangle with but for some people in parts of the United States, it’s getting tougher to avoid.

Giant hogweed is native to the border region separating Europe and Asia. It was reportedly introduced to the U.S. around 100 years ago.

Travelers thought the plant was pretty so they brought it back and planted it in their garden.

Little did they know, it grows up to 14 feet tall and produces extremely toxic sap.

Physical contact with the plant can cause third-degree burns, scarring and possibly even blindness.

The sap contains chemicals that fuse the DNA in human skin, leaving it unable to protect itself from UV rays from the sun.

Virginia recently added giant hogweed to its list of noxious weeds for the first time.

It’s already made the same list in 11 other states from Oregon to North Carolina.