UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — A Ugandan software engineer develops a new way to test for malaria without using blood.  

24-year-old Brian Gitta began working on the idea after a blood malaria test failed to detect that he had the disease.

The new bloodless test name is Matibabu, which means treatment in Swahili. it works by shining a red beam of light on a person’s finger. The red beam detects changes in the color, shape and concentration of red blood cells which would show signs they are affected by malaria.

The invention allowed Gitta to take home the top prize of the royal academy of engineering, $33,000.

Gitta said in a statement. “The recognition will help us open up partnership opportunities – which is what we need most at the moment,”

Malaria infects 300 to  600 million people every year around the world, with 90% of cases coming from sub-Saharan Africa.

For united news international, i’m AJ Walker.