UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — The mother of a Texas teen who used “affluenza” as a defense in a fatal drunk-driving crash, is back in jail.

Tonya Couch failed another mandatory drug test and was arrested Thursday, June 7.

The arrest warrant alleged Couch tested positive for amphetamine or methamphetamine.

Her son was charged in a 2013 North Texas wreck that killed four people.

At his trial, a psychologist said “affluenza” or acting irresponsibly due to wealth – led to his actions.

His mother was later charged with money laundering and hindering arrest when she and her son fled to Mexico in 2015 after he violated the terms of his probation.

Ethan Couch was released on probation in March, while his mother has had a number of run-ins with police.

She had her bond revoked in March after failing a drug test. She failed another one just two weeks after her release.