UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Fast-food chain KFC will add meat-free “chicken” to its menu by 2019.

Foodbeast reported that the faux chicken will initially launch in United Kingdom locations.

KFC said the recipe “is still in its very early stages, and so the options we’re exploring in our kitchen are still top secret.”

But the creation will still have the same famous blend of 11 spices as KFC’s real chicken.

In an effort to support healthier eating habits, KFC U.K. plans to add more meals to its menu that will be under 600 calories by 2020.

This isn’t the first time KFC has introduced health-focused changes.

The chain switched from trans-fatty acids to a lower fat soybean oil in 2006 due to research claiming the former posed a high risk of heart disease.

KFC has no immediate plans to introduce the faux chicken to its U.S. restaurants.