UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — The U.S. Army just bought an airplane for $1.5 million. Now, the service plans to blow it up.

On May 31, the Army signed a deal with Clear Sky Aviation to purchase a retired Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 777 jet.

The airliner will be flown from Riyadh to Aberdeen Test Center in Maryland later this year, where it might be used to conduct what’s known as least risk bomb location.

Least risk bomb location tests are used to determine the safest place for the cabin crew to toss an undetonated explosive to minimize damage to the plane and people onboard.

All planes have a least risk bomb location, but aircraft manufacturers are not required to conduct the tests themselves, so the Department of Homeland Security partners with the Army to do so.

The 777 is scheduled to arrive at Aberdeen in November. It’s unknown when testing will begin.