UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Houses on Hawaii’s Big Island are disappearing.

Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim said June 7 that since Kilauea Volcano started erupting on May 3, lava has destroyed more than 600 homes.

Kim said over half of those homes were located in the coastal community of Kapoho.

The lava is coming from huge fissures that have opened in the East Rift Zone.

Videos show molten rock spurting from these cracks like fountains and forming rivers that ooze into the ocean, producing dangerous laze plumes that billow up along the coastline.  

Kim told reporters Kilauea has before never destroyed so many homes in so little time.

Just this past week, lava devoured hundreds of homes and filled in the island’s largest lake, as well as Kapoho Bay.

The mayor said the state will release $12 million to help with relief efforts.

Experts say there’s no telling when the volcano will stop.