UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — A Virginia woman had a frightening surprise when a snake slithered out of her air vent June 4.

Lora Goff was driving on her lunch break when a rattling sound coming from the console alerted her to a two-foot-long garden snake coming out of her vent.

She stayed calm and pulled off the road to call emergency services.

Goff even snapped a few photos, thinking no one would believe her story.

Animal control arrived and tried to remove the snake but was unsuccessful.

Goff told Fox 5 DC, “We tried all sorts of things … Running the air conditioning really cold, running it hot.”

Goff ultimately decided to drive off with the snake’s whereabouts unknown.

She described her ride home as “nerve-racking” and even attempted to scare it by moving her feet along the floorboard.

The snake was found the next morning on a glue trap placed in the car.