In an election steeped in controversy, Nicolás Maduro won another term as president of Venezuela.

The National Election Council said that with more than 92 percent of polling stations reporting, Maduro received nearly 68 percent of the votes.

Voter turnout May 20 was low at a reported 46 percent due to the main opposition calling for a boycott of the polls.

Maduro’s nearest challenger, Henri Falcón captured just 21.2  percent of the votes.

Many of Maduro’s critics cried foul over the results.

They maintained the elections were rigged, with promises of food and financial reward for those voting for Maduro.

Falcón rejected the results and called for new elections.

Meanwhile the U.S. and other countries in the Americas are calling the election illegitimate.

Many nations plan to  ramp up economic pressure against Venezuela.

The country is already gripped in a food shortage and high inflation.