Girls are dying in India.

The reason… they are born the wrong sex.

A new study published in the medical journal Lancet found 239,000 girls under the age of five, die every year.

It amounted to about 2.4 million deaths of girls over a decade, and that’s not including pre-natal deaths.

The preference for sons is so prevalent in India, that widespread sex-selective abortions are common.

The new research suggests that if a girl is born, she is often times neglected. 

Researchers found deaths were most rampant in northern India in the four largest states: Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

It has reportedly led to a gender gap of as many as 63 million girls, meaning India has one of the most unbalanced sex ratios in the world. 

One of the study’s authors said gender equity isn’t just about education or employment.

It’s also about a girl’s right to survival.