UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — One of the world’s most active volcanoes may be about to blow.

The U.S. Geological Survey said Kilauea volcano expelled so-called “ballistic blocks” Wednesday, May 16.

Chunks of rock measuring up to two feet across were found in a parking lot hundreds of yards away following a 4.2-magnitude earthquake.

No injuries were reported at the time of this recording.

Officials say the projectiles could signal the start of a bigger eruption driven by steam.

Meanwhile, shallow tremors triggered by activity at Kilauea’s summit continue to rattle residents.

Hawaii News Now reported an explosion from the volcano’s summit Thursday morning sent an ash plume some 30,000 feet into the air.

The volcanic activity started two weeks ago after hundreds of quakes shook the Big Island.

So far, around 20 fissures have opened in the Kilauea region, forcing hundreds of people to evacuate their homes in fear of lava and toxic fumes.