Too much sex can be lethal… at least for a couple of tiny Australian marsupials.

Officials in Australia recently added two species of antechinus to the endangered species list.

It seems during mating season, the male and female critters work in overdrive, hopping from partner to partner.

The mating sessions can even last up to 14 hours.

The male antechinus produces so much testosterone during the marathon sex sessions that he drops dead.

Andrew Baker, head of an antechinus research team, attributes it to toxic levels of stress hormones that causes the animal’s immune system to go haywire.

The animal bleeds internally and then dies.

Dr. Baker noted humans also are contributing to the decreased antechinus population.

The animals love forested areas and since humans tend to chop down trees, it’s forcing them out of their habitat.

Baker and his staff have teamed up with Canines for Wildlife in an effort to save the species.