UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — One family was recently caught on camera doing exactly what you’re not supposed to do at a safari park.

It was a sunny day when a French family decided to take a drive through Safari Park Beekse Bergen in the Netherlands.

Other park visitors started recording the family when they decided to get out of their car.

Three people, including a small child, exit the vehicle while a group of cheetahs lounge in the shade just meters away.

Nothing happens.

The family gets in their car, drives a little bit further and gets out again.

This time, the cheetahs spring into action.

Five people rush back to the car as the cheetahs get close. A woman holding a toddler faces the cats and swipes with her arm — a move that likely kept them from pouncing.

No one was hurt.

The park’s manager told NOS Radio 1 News the family was very lucky.