UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL – Anne Frank wrote two pages in her diary that she covered up with gummed brown paper and now, 76 years later, experts have published what she was hiding.

The Anne Frank House museum said May 15 modern image processing technology helped reveal Frank’s writings that she described as “dirty jokes.”

The pages also include her thoughts on sex and prostitution.

The director of the Niod Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, who helped decipher the pages, described the jokes as “classic” for a child of her age.

Frank documented two years of her life in her diary while living in a secret annex during World War II.

She wrote these new pages not long after she turned 13.

Frank died in a concentration camp when she was 15. Her father survived and published her diary in 1947.

The Anne Frank House concluded the latest pages “do not alter our image of Anne.”