UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL — Eight legs are better than two when it comes to jumping.

Scientists in the U.K. trained a spider to jump on command all in the name of robotics research.

The talented little arachnid is a regal jumping spider whom scientists at the University of Manchester named “Kim.”

Jumping spiders can leap distances six times their body length from a standing start while a human can only achieve a jump up to 1.5 body lengths.

Figuring out the biomechanics behind the spiders’ success could help build a new generation of robots.

So the researchers used high-speed cameras to see how Kim makes her leaps.

According to a report published May 8 in the journal Scientific Reports, Kim used different strategies depending on the jump to optimize speed, accuracy or energy demand.

Kim also relied only on muscle power with her legs taking on five times the weight of her body from the force of a jump.