UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Google is reinventing some of its core products with artificial intelligence.

CEO Sundar Pichai unveiled the new AI tools May 8 at Google I/O, the company’s annual developers conference.

Take, for instance, the next phase of the Google Assistant.  

Six new assistant voices are now available, and Pichai says they’re about to begin testing technology that allows the assistant to make routine phone calls for you.

Whether booking a salon appointment or dinner reservations, Pichai says the Google Assistant will be able to have natural, nuanced phone conversations on your behalf.

Other highlights of Pichai’s keynote at Google I/O — which stands for input/output, by the way — include new AI enhancements for Google Photos and Gmail.

Gmail’s time-saving Smart Compose feature will be rolled out later this month.

Starting now, however, Google Photos users will begin seeing a litany of new suggested actions, and soon, they’ll also be able to recreate black-and-white memories in living color.