UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Elephants literally shake the Earth when they run and communicate and that might just help save their lives.

New research suggests technology used to study earthquakes could help monitor wild elephants and protect them against poaching.

An elephant produces low-frequency noises that are often too low for us to hear.

But there’s so much force behind those sounds that we can feel their vibrations.

These vibrations can be picked up by geophones used to record seismic signals, according to a study published May 7 in the journal Current Biology.

Study authors tested their theory in the grasslands of Kenya.

They were able to figure out what elephants were doing from over half a mile away based on different patterns in vibrations recorded by geophones.

The study concludes that this method could help officials know when elephants are threatened by poachers since the animals will run and make special warning calls.