UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Do you bite your nails?

This story might make you consider kicking the habit.

U.K. doctors say a 28-year-old dad is “lucky to be alive” after he contracted a deadly blood disease from biting his nails.

Luke Hanoman of Southport started feeling flu-like symptoms last July.

He headed to a hospital when they worsened after a week.  

Doctors diagnosed Hanoman with sepsis, according to a May 1 article by The Sun.

Sepsis occurs when the body releases certain infection-fighting chemicals that trigger inflammation.

This can lead to multiple-organ failure, a drop in blood pressure and death.

Hanoman spent four days in the hospital and pulled through with the help of antibiotics.

Doctors traced his infection to a cut on his finger that he got by tearing at his fingernails with his teeth.

Experts say any wound can cause sepsis and seeking early treatment can mean the difference between life and death.