UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL – Two German rappers have agreed to visit Auschwitz after their lyrics were described as antisemitic.

Farid Bang and Kollegah’s latest album JBG3, includes the lyrics, “my body is more defined than those of Auschwitz inmates” and, “I’m doing another Holocaust, coming with the Molotov.”

The words provoked a public outcry and rock singer Marius Müller-Westernhagen publically suggested that the two rappers visit the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp Memorial.

Müller-Westernhagen got involved after Germany’s music industry BVMI, decided to award the rap duo the Echo prize in the hip-hop/urban category, amid the antisemitic controversy.

Some previous winners of Echo have returned their awards in protest.

Meanwhile, the International Auschwitz Committee has responded with an invitation for the duo to visit Auschwitz and according to local news source Bild, the visit is scheduled to take place on June 3.

Also, a city spokesperson for Düsseldorf said on May 2, prosecutors are investigating the pair for hate speech.