UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL — Hawaiian residents are on volcano watch after hundreds of small earthquakes rattled the Big Island.

The Hawaiian County Civil Defense Agency told residents along the island’s eastern coast Wednesday, May 2 to brush up on their evacuation plans because a volcanic eruption may be imminent.

Officials have their eye on Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

The collapse of a crater floor in a volcanic cone in Kilauea’s east rift zone has triggered more than 250 earthquakes since Monday.

While the strongest was a magnitude 4.0, most registered around 2.0.

Widening cracks forced the closure of some roadways, though experts with the U.S. Geological Survey said the small gaps were not leaking steam or sulfur so did not pose an immediate threat to safety.

Hawaii County said seismic activity decreased in intensity by Thursday morning, though tremors continue from Puna to the coastal area of Kapoho.