UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — A winning picture in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest has been stripped of its title.

The entry, known as Night Raider, took home the prize for best photo in the Animals In Their Environment category.

It appears to show an anteater perched on a termite mound.

The problem?

Well, judges at the Natural History Museum, which runs the competition, say photographer Marcio Cabral used a stuffed anteater and staged the shot at Brazil’s Emas National Park.

Using taxidermy specimens is against the rules.

In a statement, the Natural History Museum, said “the museum believes that the image breaches the competition rules, which state that ‘entries must not deceive the viewer or attempt to misrepresent the reality of nature.”

Cabral, however, has maintained the photo is authentic.

He said he will continue to challenge the judges’ ruling.