UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL – A Brazilian surfer recently rode an 80-foot wave, breaking the world record for the largest wave ever surfed in the process.

Rodrigo Koxa broke the record in November last year, and on Saturday, April 28, judges at the 2018 Big Wave Awards in California ratified it.

Koxa told Surfline.com he changed his surfing technique whilst riding the record-breaking wave, following a dream he had the night before.

The record, set in Nazare, Portugal, overtook the previous record of 78 feet, set by American surfer Garrett McNamara in 2011.

British surfer Andrew Cotton, however, was not as lucky whilst riding the waves in Nazare, Portugal. Footage of Cotton shows him wiping out whilst riding a 60-foot wave in the same competition.

He was thrown into the air as a mass of whitewater slammed him to the ground and broke his back. The incident, however, won him Wipeout of the Year at the awards on Saturday.