UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Taliban militants are blamed for attacks across Afghanistan that left more than two dozen soldiers and policemen dead.

The Taliban hit two targets Monday, April 23 in Badghis province.

According to ABC News, militants struck army units in the Ab Kamari district, killing nine soldiers.

The second attack left five police officers dead in Qadis district.

Officials said the Taliban carried out another two attacks Tuesday.

The first took place in eastern Ghazni province. Four local police officers were killed when the Taliban targeted a security outpost.

The Taliban later ambushed a checkpoint in western Farah province and killed at least five soldiers, according to Mohammad Naser Mehri, the provincial governor’s spokesman.

Mehri said the hours-long skirmish that followed also left six Taliban fighters dead.

The attacks follow Sunday’s suicide bombing in Kabul that left an estimated 60 civilians dead. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the violence.