UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Stockholm’s giant blue penis mural is causing controversy in the Swedish capital.

The five-story wall art created by Carolina Falkholt, went up last week, Wednesday, April 11.

The company which owns the building said it did not give permission for the art to go up and it plans on covering it.

It has already received a barrage of complaints and over the weekend it was defaced.

However, news sources are reporting the added graffiti was more of a marketing stunt than a protest at the painting.

The added graffiti includes the name of Swedish underwear brand, Petters, reportedly trying to capitalize on the blue penis’s fame.

Falkholt told reporters she drew the phallic symbol to encourage people to talk about sex.

This is not Falkholt’s first giant penis, she also drew one in New York last year which caused similar controversy and was painted over.