UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — A speeding train struck and killed four elephants, including a calf, in India’s Odisha state on April 16.

The herd, made up of two males and two females, died on impact.

The incident marks the largest number of elephant casualties from a single train strike since 2012, when six elephants were killed.

The latest collision occurred in an elephant corridor in Jharsuguda district.

Cranes were brought in to help remove the animals’ bodies off the tracks.

Trains have to blow their horns constantly when traveling through elephant corridors to make their presence known to the animals.

They are also advised to travel at a maximum speed of 30 mph to avoid collisions.

Wildlife activists expressed outrage over the incident and said the train was traveling at a much higher speed than that.

The Hindustan Times reports 22 elephants have been killed on train tracks in Odisha since 2010.