UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — The Philippine National Privacy Commission says it will investigate Facebook in light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Reuters reports more than a million Filipinos were affected by the data breach.

Facebook says about 87 million of its users had their information used.

Now the Commission says it will give Facebook 15 days to promise more information on how data was collected from Filipino users.

It addressed a letter to Mark Zuckerberg on April 11  to ask for action to be taken for protecting people’s privacy rights.  

Previous reports came out that Alexander Nix, the former chief executive of Cambridge Analytica, may have met with people from President Rodrigo Duterte’s 2016 campaign.

But the claim has been denied that Duterte’s team hired Cambridge Analytica.

Other countries significantly affected by the scandal behind the United States and Philippines are Indonesia, Australia and the United Kingdom.