UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) —  A North Carolina man, who was accused of incest earlier this year, allegedly killed his daughter and their child last week.

Steven Pladl gave his daughter Katie up for adoption when she was a baby. When Katie was 18, however, she tracked Steven down and they began a romantic relationship.

The pair allegedly had a baby together, called Bennett, 7 months ago. They were arrested in January for incest but were later released on bail.

Steven reportedly called his mother last week and told her he had killed Bennett and was planning on killing Katie because they had broken up.

Steven then allegedly drove to Connecticut and shot Katie and her adopted father. They were found dead on Thursday, April 12.

Later that day, Steven was also found dead across the state line in New York.

Police say they did a welfare check on Bennett on Thursday and found him dead at Steven’s address in North Carolina.