UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — At least 26 policewoman in the Philippines will compete in the Ms. Ganda Pulis 2018 competition.

The pageant was created by the national police in an effort to connect the force with the community.

The 26 officers represent five districts of metro Manila, 16 regional police offices and five National Support Units of the PNP.

This is the pageant’s second year and it will host its gala night on April 21, with the finals and coronation held on the 23.

Last year, the winner walked away with P25,000, about P300,000 worth of skin care products and a new pistol.

The winner will be an ambassador for the PNP in ongoing projects including being an advocate for its wellness and recovery program.

The candidates are handing out items to people with former drug dependency on Friday, April 13 and Saturday.