UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — A painting by famed artist Marc Chagall has been recovered nearly 30 years after it was stolen from a New York City couple’s home.

The 1911 painting, “Othello and Desdemona,” was taken from the New York apartment of Ernest and Rose Heller during a heist in 1988.

According to the FBI, the painting was recovered last year in Maryland, after a man tried to sell it to a Washington, D.C. gallery owner.

The suspicious gallery owner said he couldn’t sell the piece without proof of ownership, and told the man to contact law enforcement, and he did.

Turns out the Maryland man had been given the painting years ago by the suspected thief in hopes that he could help sell the painting through his connections to Bulgarian organized crime.

The Justice Department filed a complaint on April 12 seeking authority to return the recovered Chagall to the late owners’ family.