UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — An ancient Egyptian text might document the oldest-recorded case of a man accused of sexual assault.

The text is known as Papyrus Salt 124. It was found in the 1800s but scientists are re-examining it to see how Ancient Egyptians viewed sexual misconduct.

Written on the papyrus is a legal complaint filed against a man named Paneb.

Paneb was a workman who helped build tombs for pharaohs around 1244 B.C.

A fellow workman accused him of tomb robbing, violence, general debauchery and committing adultery with local housewives.

But the script doesn’t say whether the women consented or not.

According to an article recently published by historian Carly Silver on the online platform, Narrative.ly the specific complaint of adultery is unique.  

Silver said, “It might be the oldest recorded instance of a party lodging accusations of sexual misconduct as grounds for dismissal.”