UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Scientists are growing vegetables in Antarctica.

Researchers at Germany’s Neumayer Station III recently ate their first salad made with ingredients grown in a greenhouse on the Ekström Ice Shelf.   

The greenhouse, called EDEN ISS, arrived at the station in February.

Apart from supplying researchers at the station with fresh produce, the greenhouse will serve as a testing ground for growing plants in space.

While astronauts are already growing greens on the International Space Station, the EDEN greenhouse will hopefully uncover ways of producing a wider variety of produce on the moon or even Mars.  

Plants in the Antarctic greenhouse aren’t grown with soil or natural sunlight but with artificial light and a closed-water system.

The project coordinators said April 12 that scientists have so far picked salad greens, cucumbers and radishes and hope to harvest up to five kilograms of fruit and veggies every week starting in May.