UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — For residents of one Ohio town, the zombie apocalypse is real. 

But instead of undead humans, the people of Youngstown are being terrorized by raccoons.

According to local news outlet WKBN, Youngstown police said they received several reports about the animals last week.

Citizens claimed to see raccoons exhibiting strange, zombie-like behavior.

One man said a raccoon even chased him and his dogs into his house, then bared its sharp little teeth at them before falling down and going motionless.

Most of the calls came in during the day when the nocturnal animals are typically least active.

Authorities say the strange behavior is caused by a viral disease known as distemper.

It causes coughing and seizures. In this case, it makes the raccoons lose their instinctual fear of humans.

Officials say the disease is contagious to other animals. They encourage pet owners in Youngstown to get their furry companions vaccinated.