UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — Liverpool Football Club fans attacked Manchester City Football Club’s bus as the players drove to the Champions League quarterfinal on April 4.

Man City’s bus was driving through Liverpool prior to the game when people in the street, reportedly Liverpool supporters, stormed the bus with bottles, flares and smoke bombs.

Both the driver’s side door and the bus’s front windshield were smashed and the bus was deemed unroadworthy by the time it arrived at the ground.

This footage was taken Manchester City’s coach, Manuel Estiarte, from inside the bus. The crowd can be heard heckling and items can be heard hitting the vehicle.

No one on the bus was hurt, but two police officers on the ground suffered injuries.

Liverpool, who won 3-0 later that night, apologized to Man City, saying the club condemns the behavior and local police have opened an investigation into the incident.