UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — A nightclub in Florida has been closed for good after a horse was led onto its dance floor.

The incident took place between late Wednesday night, March 7 and early Thursday morning at Mokai Lounge in Miami Beach.

Video posted on social media shows a white horse stumbling and throwing off a woman in her underwear. The horse struggles to regain its footing as people scream and cheer.

According to The Miami Herald, police officers later found the horse and confirmed that it was not hurt.

But the stunt sparked outrage on social media.

The City of Miami Beach revoked the nightclub’s business license Friday, citing, “Possible animal cruelty and a hazard to public safety.”

The Associated Press reports Mokai Lounge can appeal to get its business license back.

According to CBS4 News, past Mokai patrons claim to have seen live animals at the club in the past, including a camel and a pony.