UNITED NEWS INTERNATIONAL (UNI) — A Japanese robot wolf designed to protect farms has proven to be a success.

The ‘Super Monster Wolf’ is made by Ohta Seiki in Hokkaido to keep wild boar away from rice and crops.

It was on a trial run near Kisarazu City in Japan’s Chiba Prefecture in July 2017.

When it detects an animal approaching, it starts to howl, like this!

The Japan Agricultural Cooperatives say the damage was significantly reduced in areas where the robot was present from July to September.

Beforehand, farmers around Kisarazu were forced to give up on their crops to wild boar every year.

Some are concerned that wild animals will eventually get used to the machine and that there needs to be an improvement.

But for now, farmers say they want the machine as soon as possible.

The robot wolf will go into mass production next month.